Reputation & CRISIS Management Communication Ecosystems Strategies


Who We Are

 Wave2 Alliances Inc. is a full-service communications and public relations consultancy that helps your company thrive in an increasingly competitive and technologically complex marketplace.    In an era where businesses are regularly called upon to address complex challenges, we are a global team of communications executives that keeps you on course to achieve your business objectives.   


Communicating Compliance & Regulatory Actions

The more stringent health supplement oversight by the FDA, including in the emerging cannabis market, can quickly overwhelm an already stretched internal team.  We have the experience, focus and experts that can provide crisis/issue strategies for flawless communications with regulators, customers, affiliates, vendors and other stakeholders.  


Communication Ecosystems Strategies

From awareness to engagement to purchase or understanding, online ecosystems operate under different assumptions and community expectations. We navigate and leverage the broad world of influence to meet business and communication objectives from a corporate enterprise perspective.  


"Bobbie's knowledge, business acumen, insight and energy will help any business thrive."


Anne Butler

Managing Partner, Butler Advisors

"Bobbie and her firm are a boon to any company looking to develop or restructure their communications efforts."


Bernie Chua

Founder & CEO, Organo Gold Enterprises

"Bobbie's ability to quickly size up situations, get to the heart of the matter and then execute needed solutions were of critical importance in the early growth of our company."


David Wilhelm

Founder, Wilhelm & Conlon Public Strategies

Presidential Campaign Manager 1992

DNC Chair 1993-94

"We live our brand so you can advance yours."

Bobbie Wasserman