Date: March 26, 2014
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PRNews_CrisisManagement_PrintDigital_vol7-300x270This 7th edition of PR News’ Crisis Management Guidebook brings together the latest research, case studies and expertise from the field of crisis management. Communications professionals will walk away with the know-how to create an effective step-by-step crisis action plan applicable to organizations of all types and sizes. Within these pages, you’ll find guidance on issues ranging from internal communications to social media tactics to handling the press.

The first article in the guide is Build a Plan For Managing a Crisis in a Multi-Channel, Technology-Driven World — By Bobbie Wasserman.

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PR News’ Corporate Social Responsibility & Green PR Guidebook, Vol. 6 captures best practices in communicating the positive relationships that organizations are building with their communities of interest. This eight-chapter guidebook connects the dots between the effective communication of positive social contributions and corresponding improvements in bottom lines. For those organizations that are not driven by profits, we wanted to show how CSR can directly contribute to accomplishing mission critical objectives.
“Doing good” initiatives cannot simply be about a “feel good” activity. CSR today has to align with and actively advance the primary objectives of organizations. Another key theme that you will see emerge again and again in this CSR tutorial revolve around the dramatic impact that social media is having on how we connect with critical stakeholders. Marcia DiStaso, Tina McCorkindale, and Alexa Agugliaro teamed up to produce an excellent contribution on this topic, analyzing how the most effective organizations are using one of the preeminent social media platforms—Facebook—to communicate and educate various publics about CSR initiatives.
Bobbie Wasserman’s contribution is A Multi-Channel Approach to CSR.
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