Companies now have the power to connect with consumers and those companies that are able to successfully leverage technology with an eye to the future are creating new product markets as well as new consumer opportunities. 

Niche Market Expansion



Consumers crave connection.

Beyond products – it’s lifestyle, community, and sometimes opportunity. Today, public relations connects directly with consumers through social media channels, creative content creation and distribution, social influencer relations, SEO and link-building activities to earn influence in today’s marketplace. It’s a mix of media – earned, paid, owned and shared.

If a company doesn’t tell its story and demonstrate its culture – then others will.

Simply put, its public relations. Yet the job of public relations – defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics – and at the enterprise level is often considered tactical and narrow; broken into functions that lie in various departments with no overarching ownership. This is a strategic misstep that costs enterprises time, money, and, sometimes, their reputation.

Pro-active communications – including digital public relations and broad reputation management activities – creates and establishes the company narrative rather than allowing others do it for them.


  • Communications Audit and Assessment  (comprehensive – PR, social media, content, corporate, field/customers)
  • PR/communications/social media strategy, integration and execution
  • Message development
  • Investor and financial communications
  • Media relations: corporate, financial, product, events, campaigns, charitable, community outreach, distributor/opportunity
  • Distributor/Representative training: Integrating communications to build your business
  • Crisis planning and issue management

Our Founder has built and restructured corporate communication departments as an executive, developed strategic plans for Fortune 500 companies as an executive of global PR agencies and as an independent communications consultant.

Additionally, she has integrated public relations and social media programs that have driven engagement and sales, and coordinated national corporate media events – including “The World’s Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob” which involved over 10,000 participants in 300 cities.