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Wave2 Alliances is a full service public relations/communications consultancy that helps your company thrive in an increasingly competitive and technologically complex marketplace.

We Keep You on Course

Wave2 Alliances is a global team of PR/Communications and business executives that keeps you on course to achieve business objectives … wave after wave.
With us on your team, it’s a smoother ride.

Catch the Wave to …

… build your relationships
… better your reputation
… engage your audience
…enhance your brand.

Wave2 Alliances

Keeping You On Course
- PR Strategy & Implementation
- Corporate Reputation & Crisis Management
- Social Media Strategy & Training

Wave2 Alliances

Keeping You On Course
- Financial & Investor Relations
- Brand & Product Launches/Campaigns
- Public Affairs & Community Outreach

Building Relationships and Reputations Through Communication

Your brand and products touch a global economy. Your customers have the power to make (or break) your company’s reputation. Their experience tells the story of your company, and their actions ultimately control your sales and profits.

    Bobbie Wasserman, Wave2 Alliances' Managing Director, authored a new article in Direct Selling News.
"An Executive Approach to the Changing Role of Communications" is headlined under New Perspectives.
Read it here.

New Guidebooks for Crisis Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility
Wave2 Alliances' Bobbie Wasserman is a contributor to these new essential guides published by PR News.
These guidebooks, published by PR News, are the industry standard in best practices. With the latest research, case studies and expertise, these guidebooks will give you the know-how to obtain your primary objectives.

Crisis Management Guidebook This 7th edition of PR News’ Crisis Management Guidebook brings together the latest research, case studies and expertise from the field of crisis management.     
Crisis Management Guidebook PR News’ Corporate Social Responsibility & Green PR Guidebook, Vol. 6 captures best practices in communicating the positive relationships that organizations are building with their communities of interest.

PR Strategy & Implementation

We understand how to effectively reach and engage audiences through the vast jungle of communication tools and platforms.

Corporate Reputation & Crisis Management

We work with enterprises in building a constant flow of internal and external communications that positively impacts each department within an organization, as well as the organization as a whole.

Social Media Strategy & Training

We bring clarity to social media and online communications by developing a digital strategy that helps drive momentum, meet organizational objectives and enhance reputation.

Financial & Investor Relations

Our deep understanding of the regulatory environment in each market, analyst and investor expectations of the industry and the ability to develop a compelling narrative that supports your company’s credibility.

Brand & Product Launches/Campaigns

We look at, strategize and execute launch campaigns based on communication principles that complement your company’s marketing expertise.

Public Affairs & Community Outreach

We use our industry-sector knowledge, political acumen and digital savvy to educate and inform elite media, opinion leaders and policymakers.